Duh, Spartan!

Men are taught to be strong, tough, and not take shit from anyone. Nice Guys finish last is embedded in our brains. So when it’s time to go for what we want, we go for it. The most successful men in this country don’t give a fuck. Donald Trump went at Obama’s neck not because he wants to be President; Trump is strategically trying to get ratings for his show and place his brand in the world of politics. Mark Zuckerberg fucked over a few classmates en route to 50 billion, who cares? He won. It’s not about how you got there, it’s about getting there. Ruthless aggression and self-preservation are not evil things, that’s word to Vince McMahon. Men stab each other in the back and then shake hands over drinks—it’s the business of life. 

But what about females, why aren’t they taught these things? If a Woman were to come out and try to Donald Trump the president she’d be called all kinds of bitches or turned into a punchline like Sarah Palin. Women get beat in the head with this notion of “that’s not right, that’s not lady like, that’s bad karma, sisterhood rah rah rah!” Fuck that noise with a NeNe Leak’s dick.Your mother may have told you to wait your turn like a good little girl, but I’m saying cut in front of that bitch becasue this club’s about to hit capacity! Romantic comedies, cartoons, even the shit they teach in school, it’s all sexist bullshit meant to keep girls in the kitchen. Look at history and see how they now label Cleopatra as a whore, called Joan of Arc a crazy Lesbian, and painted Elizabeth the 1st as a frigid cunt. Who do they parade as modern American Royalty? The Kennedys. Really? The King ruled and the so called Queen had no power, her job was to sit there and wave in her nice, soon to be blood splattered, pink dress. Where are the real women? Those who refuse to play by the rules? Those who want more out of life than what is on the table.

Spartans: The strongest women on the planet. They follow no one. They obey no one. They aren’t offended, they offend. They don’t wait, they take. They are the Alpha Females.

Spartan Law Vol. 1:

He’s Only Her Man Because You Allow it: The entire notion of taking another girl’s man is controversial because some women don’t think its right. Right is a direction, so fuck what you think. If you choose to sit in your bedroom and paint your nails until Mr. Right throws a rock at your window. Do you. But Spartans don’t have time to follow your rules. He looks good. He acts even better. Are the bonds of his relationship strong enough to deny you what you want? Hell no. If he wants you—he must leave her first. It’s that easy. You didn’t break up anything, you gave him an option—a better option. She had no chance against you. Duh, Spartan!

She’s Not A BFF She’s A Sidekick: There can only be two Spartans per group of friends. One will be the leader, the other is equally as powerful but let’s the other take the lead… for now. The rest of those hoes are followers. Being a follower isn’t a bad thing, Batman needs Robin, and most women play their position and never realize the balance of power is not in their favor. On the Bad Girls club someone always makes the comment, “you don’t belong in the house you’re not a bad girl”. Why would they put all boss bitches in one house? Those Producers cast two alpha females and then surround them with weak bitches that are easy to manipulate, that’s good TV. You attack with pawns because Queens are too important. In real life it’s the same way, go to any club and you see Spartan #1 maybe Spartan #2 and the rest of those girls are pawn bitches. Spartans will have their girlfriends on their clit harder than a boy. She texts you all day, she wants to hang every weekend, she complains when you’re chilling with a new girl. She’s not gay, she’s been Spartan whipped. You are everything she wants to be but can’t, so she has to settle for being your best friend in the world. I had a girlfriend who would break her neck every time her bff called her and when she did her dirty she would cry her eyes out. The next week she was back up under her—she was weak, I holla’d at the wrong friend because her bestie was the Spartan.

Don’t Let Them Call You A Bitch Unless They Capitalize It: I read that the word “bitch” went through resurgence during the 80’s due to the fact that more and more women were becoming players in the corporate world. Bitch was meant to insult a woman who was domineering. Guys in pants didn’t like a woman in a skirt walking into the boardroom and being authoritative so the word bitch became fashionable again. I know rap music has overused it, but I still see that term as being positive. If a man can be overbearing in order to get the job done, he’s seen as a tough leader who’s respected and feared by his peers. When a woman does the same thing she’s a bitch who’s hated. Fuck that, if I were a woman I would legally change my name to Bitch because I would not be for play. People are going to talk about you regardless. Now are you going to make the guys at work cookies and let them smack your ass? Or are you going to embrace that role like a true Spartan and command respect. They may call you a bitch, but I guarantee you they won’t say it to your face. They fear you too much. I bet Oprah’s a Bitch. For everyone who loves her, those who do business with her have to fear the power she wields. Empires aren’t built on hugs and smiles, they’re built on fear. Fear lasts longer than love.

Being Selfish = Being Successful: Love is not a stop sign, that shit isn’t even a yield sign. Spartans don’t choose dick over self. You have dreams and aspirations, why should you sacrifice that because the man you love is on a different path? Men ask women to move across the country, pond engagement rings, anything that’s needed for the good of the team. If you want to go to grad school or take an internship will he be there to support you in the same manner?  It doesn’t matter. You can’t arrange your life around a man. Love doesn’t abandon love, but love will wait. If you have moves you have to make, don’t let some weak man guilt you and don’t let him hold you back. This is your life Spartan. Your destiny doesn’t end with you getting a ring and popping out kids. Stop thinking about what others want, you come first.

Be A Lady: Playing by your own rules and knowing what you want in life doesn’t make you less feminine. You can still nurture, care, love, and watch the god damn Notebook. You’re not one of the guys, even if he can talk to you like one of the boys, you are a woman and should be treated like one. Spartans have to dumb down for certain men because men fear strong women. There is a bit of Superhero Alter Ego going on when dealing with an insecure man. We men are raised to think women are soft, that’s never going to change. But there is no need to go feminist Rambo bitch and open jars or change tires when he’s around just to prove yourself. Be Clark Kent. Put the glasses on and play that role every now and then. You know that there’s an S on your chest, but won’t it be cute to see the silly man rush to take care of things you know you can handle yourself? Men desperately need to be needed, I know you’re going to school for rocket science but let the motherfucker come hook up your computer to your printer.

Smash do not get Smashed: Porn stars are actresses. Not because they fake orgasms, it’s because they’re acting out a male fantasy. They’re telling him how big his dick is, how she’s a dirty slut, where she wants his cum. They’re being dominated because men want to beat off to submissive women. You can be brilliantly filthy without demeaning yourself. Jesse James told Howard Stern that Kat Von D was better in bed than Sandra Bullock, no shit! I can tell Miss Congeniality ain’t Yankin just by looking at her. Spartans are superior love makers. You don’t lay on your back and get fucked, you fuck back. You don’t let him eat you out, you sit on that face and grind that tongue until you’re ready for more dick. You don’t understand that he’s tired, you grab that dick and get it hard by any means necessary, you need your nut and you need it now! Not cuming is unsatisfactory, and you should not roll over and go to sleep without objecting to your lack of nut. Be vocal and let him know— “you owe me one”. You are a Spartan you can fuck any man you want to, he should be honored to even eat your pussy, the least he can do is make you cum. Watch Titanic, Rose wasn’t getting fucked in that car, she was fucking Jack. You are not his pussy—he is your dick, know the difference.

Not all women are Spartans; some strive to be but are still chained down by that inner kitchen bitch. It’s the 21st century stop being weak, stop being a follower, stop being shy, stop being pussy, and stop hiding behind this archaic idea of what’s lady like. I don’t care if its love, school, or your career— take shit from no one Spartan. There’s the pit—if she’s standing in your way kick her in the chest and watch that hoe fall in slow motion.

As always any girl who tweets me that they are a Spartan will be listed.
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F**K Your Mixtape

I don’t want to listen to your mixtape. Don’t stop me while I’m at the gas station asking for a donation. Don’t send me a link on the computer to download it. Unless you have a feature with Young Jeezy, a YouTube video with girls in bikini’s dancing, or a buzz big enough to make Rembrandt text me, “yo you should check him out”— I don’t give a fuck about your music. Everyone is a rapper, why? Because everyone can rhyme words and jack a beat from soundclick. I’m not hating on anyone’s dreams to become successful. But when the fuck does it stop? Nigga you’re on your 8th mixtape, you’ve been rapping longer than Jaden Smith’s been alive, how are you still in a “bout to blow” stage? It’s time to go to a vocational school.

It was cool to tell girls, “Yeah I’m going to the studio” when you were 22, now five years later you’re still trying to pull ratchets by playing some unmixed freestyle you did over “All Of The Lights”. Little girls get open off of 16 bars, Grown Women don’t care about that shit—WHERE DO YOU WORK NIGGA? When you fill out your taxes do you put “rapper” under occupation? If you’re a rapper then every girl who takes a picture in her bra and panties is a model. Every little nigga in high school has a mixtape and you know what—their shit probably sounds better than your shit. You’re worried about being all lyrical and bringing your city back or being the first one from your hood to make it—nobody gives a fuck about your metaphors, how does that hook sound!?! “Can I get a girl to grind on me to this song”, that’s how music is judged in 2011. If you were as witty as your similes you would have gotten a scholarship to Brown, not work for brown, on that UPS truck telling your co-worker “this next mixtape is going to change my life, b! It’s not going to change your life, because you’re not putting in the work. How many DJ’s do you know— oh you’re too lazy to network with DJ’s who can play your music. What’s your stage show like— that’s right you’re too good to perform at a hole in the wall. Paying for studio time does not make you a rapper; it makes you a nigga who paid for studio time.

Paying For Music is Played Out: Lil Kim is smart. I mean she has no talent and looks like a circus freak, but she’s smart. Nicki Minaj is very polarizing. You either love her or you hate her. And the thing about haters is—they’re more vocal than fans. Instead of simply not listening to Nicki Minaj, they felt a need to jump on the Kim bandwagon. $10 on PayPal got you Lil Kim’s Black Friday diss CD. Everyone searched the internet looking for a free download—couldn’t find it because it wasn’t even finished. So Lil Kim lovers, but mostly Nicki haters, paid $10 to have it mailed out. 250,000 people did this– allegedly. Kim’s last real CD didn’t even push that. Pusha T’s mixtape is a trillion times better than Kim’s but because of the Nicki haters Kimmy Blanco was able to make seven figures and Pusha had to give his classic away. She outsmarted the record industry and found a way to profit from the dead mixtape format. When you’re a rapper starting out and trying to make it—you can’t pull that off. Even if you have J Cole buzz, you can’t expect anyone to pay for your music—you spent thousands of dollars in the studio, you’re not going to get that back by selling it at gas stations and through your weak ass PayPal. YOU MUST GIVE YOUR MUSIC AWAY. If it’s really that good you will get fans. The more fans you get, the more willing they are to buy your music and come to your shows.

No One Wants To Hear That Nas Shit: I grew up on Mobb Deep, Nas, Redman; all that shit that nobody wants to hear anymore. To this day I will argue with anyone about the greatness of the Gza. But I don’t play that in my car on a regular basis. When I listen to music I want to get pumped. I bump Travis Porter because the line “running in that pussy like a crash dummy” entertains the hell out of me. I always turn Waka Flocka up and take shots of vodka before I go to the club. I smoke weed and listen to Rick Ross grunt, “Big Black Nigga, wit an icy watch…” I know it’s not the greatest music ever made and I don’t care. Adele and Fiona Apple are reserved for when I cruise down the PCH. When I’m in my element I need that ignorant, simple, niggerish rap music. I respect punch lines and lyricism, but you aren’t Nas. Nas isn’t even Nas anymore. If I don’t own a Slaughterhouse CD why the fuck would I buy your CD and you’re not nearly as cleaver as they are. “Real Music” is subjective, if you want to rap like its 1997 cool—but realize you’re doing it for yourself— you can’t bring that era back because it’s not profitable.

Wiz Kahlifa Is Not The Enemy: Wiz Kahlifa is not keeping you from getting signed. I agree that his flow is boring and he’s not really saying much, but it works for him and his fans are smoking the same shit he’s on, so he’s winning. You can’t kidnap a Wiz fan, tape them to a chair, and force them to listen to Only Built For Cuban Linx, that will change nothing. People like what they like! Lil B talks nonsense, but why be bitter at the based god because you’re not popping in your city? You sit at home on the internet trying to get YouTube hits; you stalk supermarket parking lots with bad album art trying to make a sale– meanwhile this nigga Lil B was running through CA doing shows trying to build his brand. He’s not better than you, he just out hustled you! Every time I’m in the barber shop I hear dudes bashing today’s rap music. Nobody is stopping you from listening to Big Pun homie; Scarface’s albums are on ITunes, download and bask in the realness. The amount of time niggas spend hating on those who are making money is crazy. I know this one dude who told me, “Nobody even remembers Them Franchise Boys, knew that snap shit wasn’t going to last”. No shit, it was microwave music, but at the end of the day those wack niggas got paid to do what you spend money trying to do. To have 15 minutes in the spotlight and quarterly royalty checks for life trumps having a hot ass CD that only you and your cousin listen to.

It’s A Business, Man: I realize on the blog I don’t talk about Hip Hop a lot, but I have a long history with it. I started rapping in high school—I sucked. I continued rapping in college—still sucked. But I realized my strengths and my weaknesses. My flow wasn’t tight, and I never wanted to commit myself to working on that, but I could write creative punch lines and catchy hooks for days. My junior year of college me and my boy, who had a crazy flow, put our heads together and said, “You can write, I can flow—let’s take those things and put it on a white bitch”. A female Eminem could make us rich. So we found a sexy white girl who went to our school (we actually held auditions— that’s a blog for another day), I wrote her rhymes, he coached her flow, we got a producer, and made a demo. We didn’t try to sell the shit. We didn’t try to build a fan base—we shopped the package. Bad Boy Records called my motherfucking cell phone (I was listed as manager) and wanted to meet. We ended up linking up with the Ruff Ryders. 

Needless to say she was a gimmick and after an office freestyle that proved that she couldn’t rap anything but the four songs we wrote for her, they said “we’ll call you”. For me it was great because they realized I had some talent. Me and my homie got signed to some shady management deal with Double R and I spent my last year of college rubbing shoulders with legendary New York rappers. I was chilling on that black couch in the studio with the rest of the little niggas who would never come out, but I didn’t care—it was fun. Niggas paid for us to make diss songs about Roc-a-Fella because JadaKiss didn’t like Beanie. Swizz gave niggas beats for free. We were doing it for real. But once the novelty of driving to New York to sit around got played out, I stopped rapping and focused on school. When I came out to LA I wanted to rap again. Not because I had a passion, but because the industry became so watered down that it didn’t matter if I couldn’t spit like Ludacris—I could write ringtone songs and actually make money. I made 15k off of one song that got put on a TV show, I still get royalty checks. I just sold another song last month. I’m not on the level of Lupe; I’m not even as good as Murphy Lee. But I’ve made more money off of hip hop than most people who say they’re rappers. You will never catch me in a cypher; you will catch me in the bank cashing that BMI check. Dear mixtape rapper: You are better than I am. Me profiting off of something that’s not even a hobby for me should give you motivation to step your game up.

Stop trying to make $5 off a CD, stop spamming people on the internet—network with DJs and club promoter’s dumb ass. That girl with the big titties in her twitter avatar is not going to get you a deal– why are you DMing her links? Seek out the people who can help you. I don’t give a fuck about your mixtape and neither does the rest of the world. You have to make me care, it’s a catch 22 but nothing in life worth doing is easy. One of my best friends is trying to make it, and I will tell you like I told him– Stop trying to be the smartest, realist, hardest rapper in the room and listen to what’s hot in the ratchet clubs and do it better than those artist. It’s not selling out if you only had twenty fans to start with. 
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Do You Have Corpse Bride Coochie?

I can not imagine what it’s like to be a woman when it comes to this notion of “You have to please your man to keep  your man“. Women are expected to be sexual goddesses in order to keep their man happy, while men are free to be wack as fuck in the bed with no fear of their lady looking for superior dick. You’re supposed to be content with a dude running up in you with a semi hard dick while demanding that you tell him that it’s his pussy? Really? How tragic is that shit? No matter how good of a human being you are, if you don’t throw the pussy the right way you risk your man creeping. Welcome to the double standard of sex. 

Ashanti: Career Over but that Pussy Still Yankin

She couldn’t fuck him like I could” is real, men are well aware that there is always another girl who has a better skill set than the one we’re with. Men don’t cheat because she’s prettier– it’s the thought that maybe her pussy is better than the pussy we have at home. No man will EVER tell a girl her pussy isn’t the best, we’re men aka the most dishonest creatures on the earth. We’ll keep it to ourselves, wait until the next train to new pussyville arrives, and jump on board like a hobo in the night– deuces. Will a woman leave a man for a better dick?  I doubt it. Will a man leave his woman for better pussy? It happens all the time but no one talks about it. How important is sex in a relationship? It’s #2 behind honesty. All vaginas are created the same for the most part, I’ve vacationed in more than I can honestly remember and never have I thought “wow this must be that new space age coochie“. Pussy is pussy. If she has bad sex it isn’t because her pussy is wack, it’s because the person attached to the pussy is wack. 

Remember when Dave Chappelle told Ron Jeremy, “Ron I got my stroke from you“. That’s real talk. As little boys we watch porn to get our stroke down because growing up all you hear from the older guys is “you better tear that pussy up” that’s a lot of pressure especially when you don’t even understand what “tear that pussy up” entails. Little girls don’t go through that anxiety because most of them think all you do is lay there. It’s true, a woman can lay there with her legs up yawning and be told she was the best he’s ever had because at that moment of ejaculation it is the best. It’s only later when we run up in a vagina with superior skills that we realize how wack Angela with the big titties really was. I blame it on society. Young ladies grow up learning how to braid hair and match outfits, they never become obsessed with whether or not they can ride dick properly. 14 year old girls don’t sneak off and study Naomi Banxxx’s technique; they’re expected to learn on the job. There is a generation of women out here sleepwalking through sexual intercourse and it’s not right! How many women know how to fuck? I mean really know what they’re doing. We have phenoms like @Maxfab who I can tell without even test driving, knows what to do with a hard dick and limited time. And then we have these shy as a butterfly chicks that fuck as passionately as they fill out job applications. Who would ever marry a rubbish fuck? There are two types of women.

The Accidental Nut: She shows up. Takes her clothes off. He puts it in. He cums. Not because she’s good, but because it’s a wet, semi-tight hole.

The Pro Pussy: She shows up. Rips her clothes off. She puts it in herself. Now he’s apologizing for cuming too fast.

Every girl thinks they have Pro pussy, but they’ve been mislead. In college I spent a semester smashing this Accidental Nut. She was boring and I had to think about different girls in order to cum. But here’s the fucked up thing—I told her she was good. Why? Because I wanted to inspire confidence so I could keep having sex with her. Bad sex is better than no sex on a saturday night.

What about men who can’t make girls cum? Get in line, we already know that most dudes are better at eating pussy than beating pussy. Here’s the double standard: A woman can have a functional loving relationship and never complain about not cuming whereas a man will lie, cheat, and trick to get a better nut. Weak Dick Davon can pull the good girl and keep her happy, because women don’t see wack sex as a deal breaker. Don’t lie; raise your hand if you’ve been in a relationship with a guy who had a substandard dick? Now did you roll with the punches or did you find a way to sabotage the relationship and leave him? I bet 9 out of 10 stayed with weak dick Davon. Soft dicks are not a reason to break up. As long as he treats you right there are work arounds sexually, shit the pharmaceutical industry makes billions off of weak dicks. Most women are not sexually shallow so the subject of sexual inadequacy only comes up AFTER she breaks up with him (hence the girl outside of the club screaming at her ex boyfriend “that’s why your dick is little“). Men are very shallow when it comes to sex. Wack pussy is a deal breaker for us and we will sabotage a solid relationship if her sex isn’t on the level we’re accustomed to. I had a love affair with one of the sexiest girls I’ve ever known, but her sex game was like a Florida Marlins games—people are playing—but the stands were empty. So after 3 months of trying to look on the bright side I moved on to a Spartan girl who knew how to contract pussy muscles and inspire projectile seamen. She never knew sex was the reason I stopped seeing her.
In the classic words of Lady “Can’t Even Lie, Fuck Better when I’m drankin, ride dick like a pro/ throw the pussy like I’m famous” Why does she have to be drunk to fuck like a champ? If you’re a grown woman you shouldn’t be shy. You shouldn’t be afraid to tell him to fuck you harder or you’ll find someone who can. You shouldn’t be afraid to look down as the dick goes in and out. It’s cum, not acid—don’t run from it! Be nasty. Sex is nasty! Hump hump go to sleep? Huh, what the fuck were you two doing because that’s not how it’s done. In 20 years you’ll be married and miserable and you can bust nuts like that, but for now go hard! I believe it was the Elizabethan poet Adara who said, “I don’t put in work at the gym so I can fuck with the lights off”.

You shouldn’t have good sex to please your man, it’s not about him, it’s about being the god damn best at what you do! Every time you have sex it should be better than the last, even if your man can’t throw dick like he should make sure you’re on point. I don’t want to live in a world where 60% of the women have Corpse Bride Coochie. When you’re beginning a relationship I know it’s tough to step your pussy game up. Girls don’t want a guy to think they’re hoes so they hold back. Take note, there is nothing wrong with giving him the David Copperfield the first few months and then unleashing that Harry Potter shit after the 3 month anniversary, its reverse psychology. It makes his dumb ass think that he’s turning you out, but in reality you’ve been sucking your own titty and squirting since you were in 11th grade. 

Learn to fuck. Just because he says you’re the best and cums fast doesn’t mean you’re doing it to the best of your abilities. You didn’t put him to bed, it’s 11:30pm the nigga was already sleepy. You’re The Accidental Nut and I’m calling you out on it. Here’s some homework, the next time you have sex I want you to test yourself. I don’t care if you’re smashing your fiance, jump off, 2nd cousin, or best friend’s boyfriend, the next time you get it in, I want you to be nasty, aggressive, and creative. Do everything in your power to make him cum with the fury of an AK-47. That pussy should be so good that after he busts, he’s content with lying in a pool of nasty wetness with the condom still on for an hour. This nigga should not even want to wash your scent off his fingers! You have to be like Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds, you came in and changed this nigga’s life for the better and even after you’re gone he’ll never forget you. #Yankin
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Grown Ass Man or Lil Ass Boy?

I was at a restaurant with the homie and the waitress brought out the dessert menu. Note, two men should never order dessert while together. There is no pause long enough or no homo powerful enough to cancel that shit out. But I saw that they had cheesecake on the menu so I ordered it to go. Of course I got made fun of, but it wasn’t for me. “She likes when I bring her shit”, is all I said, and this nigga hit me with a, “that’s gay, you all in love nigga”. Really? Me being in love with a woman is gay? Capri shorts are gay. Waking up at 3am to watch the Royal Wedding is gay. Me doing an act of love for my chick is not gay. It was a joke of course, but there is a lot to pull from his comment. Some men shy away from emotional relationships because mentally they think like a 9 year old. This “no girls in the club house, we’re tough boys” mentality, still handicaps dudes. There comes a point in your life when you have to let go of the young shit.

Trying to fuck more girls than your boy is fun in college, but in the real world it’s counterproductive. All this money out here, all of this opportunity, yet you and your boy Nardo are content hanging around the same neighborhood trying to skeet young bitches because the older ones know you’re losers. Grown men aren’t worried about getting their number higher. You had sex with 173 girls and are trying to get to two hundred by the end of summer? Huh? Who cares? Your Pussy count is higher than your FICO score, you’re losing. You think Jerry Seinfeld walks around talking about all the hoes he smashed? No, he’s showing off his wife and kids to the media. Grown Men aren’t afraid to show their love whereas Lil Boys have to objectify women as pussy so they won’t be viewed as soft. I’m as anti-simp as they come, but there comes a time when you have to let go of this young ass mentality. She can’t be “some bitch” to your boys, and “your bay” when you’re alone. Maturation demands that you keep it real with yourself.

Grown Ass Men Lead: Your boys want you to hang out tonight but this girl you’ve been talking to wants you to come see her. Do you go see her or go out with the homies? If you’re digging her you go see her. Not because you want to hit, but because you want to hang out with her. You don’t have to make excuses by saying “I’m just trying to smash”. Grown Men don’t allow themselves to be influenced by their friends. You run the streets when you want to and lay up with a girl when you want to—it’s your life.

Lil Ass Boys Follow:Fuck that bitch, it’s going to be like a hundred of them and you want to sit around with just one?” I pulled that card once. I wasn’t going to the club by myself; I needed at least one person to trip with so I played to my boy’s macho side. Your friends do come before some girl you just met, but that’s when they actually need you for something important. My car broke down—on the way. I’m locked up—be right there. I’m trying to go see girls in a club—hold up… Why would you listen to me? You have a girl waiting to chill. I’m lonely as fuck on a Saturday trying to find a girl. Don’t follow me!

Grown Ass Men Control Their Dicks: I will be honest, I’ve never been able to sit alone in a room with a girl I liked and not try to have sex with her or at least get my molest on. That’s just my personality, I’m a fucking savage. But with maturity comes restraint. It’s important to come off as a gentleman when trying to impress a woman of quality. Don’t be a total saint, no girl wants a man she thinks is afraid of pussy, but there is away to be subdued in your flirting. Being an adult means you can hang out with another adult behind closed doors and talk with your mouth, not your hands.

Lil Ass Boys Are Controlled By Their Dicks: They call it being thirsty for a reason. The feeling you get when you want to rip her panties off, sling her over the couch, and triangle grind her box until she nuts on your dick is insatiable. You feel like Gargamel chasing after the god damn Smurfs, you become obsessed with that shit. Asking to smell her coochie may work on a few ratchets, but what happens when you get to a good woman who’s not trying to move that fast? You turn her off! Sometimes taking your dick out doesn’t work the way you think it should. It’s hard to do, but try going on a date without trying to fuck—you may actually learn something about her.

Grown Ass Men Fall In Love: Girls post love quotes and text “<3” at 7am. Men aren’t into that shit, we love quietly. While there are those sugary niggas who feel the need to hold hands and call 12 times a day, most men leave the hardcore lovey dovey stuff for home. Regardless of how you show that affection, you do show affection. There is nothing wrong with saying “I love you” in front of people. There is nothing wrong with seeing a pair of metallic blue pumps in a store window and buying those things on the spot because you already know she wears 36.5 in euro… okay maybe I’m a little too in love, but you get the point. You don’t have to scream it to the sky when you’re in love. You don’t have to have a picture of her as your cell phone wallpaper. You can still tweeter flirt with @momo_sah. You can still look at ass when she’s not around. You can still talk to your homie about how you would fuck the grease stains out of the waitress who just brought you food. But it’s just talk. Everything becomes hypothetical, because you’re not fucking anyone but her. That doesn’t make you soft, you don’t lose cool points with your boys, you’re the same person… scratch that, you’re a better person because you are grown enough to express your feelings like a real man.

Lil Ass Boys Think Love Is Gay: Niggas are scared to death so they attack those in relationships and sabotage their own. They aren’t afraid of sex, they aren’t afraid to put in work, but they are afraid of being handcuffed. To an immature dude being in a relationship is like getting sentenced to jail. All the fun stops. You can’t hang with your boys; you can’t get at other girls, your life as you know it is over. That’s a lazy mentality. Niggas who run from love are the same niggas who smoke weed after they nail their job interview. You know you’re going to get the job but you don’t really want to go back to work, it was too fun sleeping until noon… you get scared… you start making excuses. “Fuck this job, I’m going to miss Maury. Where will I find time for Call of Duty?” So you smoke Kush and piss cloudy, insuring you won’t have to go back to work anytime soon. Sabotage motherfucker! Say you get a bomb ass girl with a great personality. This girl is the one—Matrix. Now it’s going too good… she’s not tripping over dumb shit… she’s giving you your space… she doesn’t mind deep throating your dick in the morning before you wash up… You are winning. But you can’t be held down. You can’t have the block thinking you cuff bitches. What will Nardo say if you don’t go to the mall to holla at hoes with him? What happens when your ex-girlfriend Rasheeda Ratchet hits you up for a quick fuck? What would Lil B do? You can’t have this girl changing your lazy ass way of living. So you do what immature people do. Start an argument then stop calling cus you “got things on your mind”. Say it with me– Sabotage motherfucker!

Lil Ass Boys run from relationships, and the fucked up thing is a lot of women chase them, thinking they can change their mind set. It’s not about you, you can’t play Jane to his Tarzan and convert this dude into relationship material! Let his young ass run! It would be beyond dumb to chase a nigga who isn’t ready to take off his Ninja Turtle draws. He’s not ready, one day he will be, but not today. There are too many grown ass men out here, why would any woman want to babysit a little ass boy?
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Online Dating: Are You That Desperate?

Dating Websites. The Final frontier for those fed up with the bullshit people they meet in their everyday lives. Work too much, no time for love—eHarmony that shit. Tired of the thirsty niggas at the club and bars— Crank that Match.com. Looking to fuck another girl’s man— AshleyMadison is for you. What do I think of dating websites—they’re bullshit. “But NC my friend found love online and they’re married” Guess what? People have gotten married off of MySpace, so any stat about those who “made it” I take with a grain of salt. You put 200 lonely people in the same chat room at least 10 of them are going to end up fucking and cuffing.

Last week a friend asked me to set up her profile. She thought I could make her seem like the perfect girl… Me writing your Bio isn’t going to make these dudes on the site want you. Your profile picture is the only thing they’re checking for. That is the inherent problem with these sites. Men don’t take it as seriously as women, they’re picture surfing. We don’t care if you like to hike and bicycle—add a full body picture so I can make a decision. She’s 5”6, no kids, doesn’t smoke, about average body, drinks socially, spiritual not religious… okay, but are you fucking? That should be the first question you answer because that’s all we care about.

I spent the better part of a day fucking around on match.com. I was shocked to see that 40% of these chicks were dimes (at least 25 miles from my zip code). I allowed my inner Bruce Banner to Hulk out and I ignorantly ranked the top five I thought were the most attractive. One girl in particular caught my attention and I started reading her little bio because unlike Mr. Thirsty, I’m educated enough to know that knowledge is power. So she’s new in town… a southern bell… and she’s not looking for something frivolous… hmmm. In five minutes I had a blueprint on how I would attack this chick. I was going to give her my one “free wink” but I decided that was taking it too far. I guess you can see who looks at your profile because the next morning I got a wink from her— if I were single I would have went extra hard at this girl, but I deactivated the account content with the fact that I was able to write a epic “What I’m looking for” section that got this woman’s attention. Love is War, and giving a predator all of this information on you is like giving General Patton a satellite printout of the enemy’s headquarters. I’m not spending $40 a month to fall in love with some random Sagittarius chick from Long Beach who likes to play tennis. I’m paying for the intel because that’s the key to getting those panties off. But I’m a man and these sites are NOT FOR MEN. They’re for women. Women aren’t looking to “hook up” on some Craig’s list shit; these women are legitimately trying to find someone to vibe with on a deeper level. My main question for women who look to these sites for love is: Are you being lazy or do you have a valid excuse for why you can’t get out and socialize?

It Does The Work For You:We do in depth research so that your first date is like your fifth date” Suck a dick eHarmony. I don’t want you to do the work for me. Research? What the hell is that? Seeing what city she grew up in and if she’s a dog person or cat person? The entire point of dating is to form a bond, you’re discovering them one conversation at a time. Getting a laundry list of semi-personal facts doesn’t tell you anything. You can’t measure chemistry by comparing questionnaires. She could be a Conservative Baptist and I could be a liberal Atheist and when we get together it could be the greatest love of all time. Dating is not checking off “no smokers, no one with kids”. That’s not real life. And do you think guys don’t know what girls are looking for when they’re answering questions? You don’t self deprecate on a dating site, you make yourself look like a god. You’re a perfect man who loves everything and plays every sport, has read every book and seen every movie. Now the first date isn’t about getting to know more about him, it’s about figuring out what was bullshit and what was real. Research my ass.

I Don’t Have Time:Oh I’m so busy with work, I can’t meet anyone with this schedule” You’re not that damn busy. In the time you took to fill out that questionnaire you could have been dressed, out the door, and meeting your friends for drinks. You’re not busy, you’re lazy. You want to shop for boyfriends like you shop for shoes. Four browser tabs open, deciding which will look best for summer. “Oh girl I think I’ll go for light skin and husky this season, that may be my fit”. If you’re too busy to find a man, you’re too busy to keep a man. What happens when you’re dating? Does your work schedule become lighter? You didn’t have time to go out to the bar, now you have time to go out to dinner? Stop treating your heart like an Amazon wish list. Close those browser tabs and get your lazy ass up.

I’m Sick of The Same Crowd: Wack ass city, wack ass club, wack ass DJ’s, wack ass men… Call the wambulance! You don’t live under Jim Crow law; you can go anywhere you want to– you are in that club because you chose to go to that club. I can go to Yelp, search your city and find ten places you never stepped foot in. But you don’t want to go there because you’re intimidated.Oh it’s a white crowd”, “They charge too much”, or the classic: “I don’t like their music”. Didn’t you say you wanted a different crowd? Do you really want to listen to Travis Porter that bad or are you afraid to go to an establishment where you don’t get patted down at the door? So where do you go after you drive pass the new place and your friends call it corny? Back to the same hole in the wall club, with the same ratchet friends, complaining about the same broke niggas. The next day you’re on a dating site trying to find a new crowd while looking at those same niggas who were probably at the same club you were at last night. Irony is crazy.

Hide Behind That Keyboard: You’re on every social media site saying things like, “I’m not looking for love on the internet, my phone just dry” no ma, you’re dry and lonely. You spend all day on the fucking computer  and phone, maybe you should be trying to fuck something via broadband. You sit at home all day tweeting about what’s on TV– that’s why you’re single. Go outside! That’s why I do recommend dating sites for one group of people—Shy Girls. Behind a keyboard a shy chick goes Dark Phoenix saga on that ass, she’s funny, she’s flirty, and she’s confident. I would rather a girl like that sign up for one of these dating websites then go to a club and spend the entire night dancing by herself to Racks On Racks. You just spent $20 getting into the club and another $20 buying yourself drinks because no guys want to approach a girl whose mean mugging– Losing. Instead of blowing that $40 to look awkward in that leopard print skirt, use that money to sign up for a site. It’s fast, easy, and you can hide behind a computer screen instead of opening your mouth and taking a risk.

But if you’re a Spartan and you have the guts to leave the damn house and go somewhere new, then leave OKcupid to the lazy hoes that make excuses. Fuck putting your life on display for a bunch of thirsty internet nerds and predators. Put your freakum dress on, take a few shots of something non-fruity and get out there and meet people the old fashion way– offline. 
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Good Woman Or Dumb Bitch?

If you love your boyfriend, how much shit are you willing to put up with? Most women proclaim automatically that they would drop a man in a minute if he did her wrong. “I wish he would blah blah blah” those types of threats are emptier than Toni Braxton’s bank account. Women take “The Title” serious. They change Facebook statuses, they find excuses to call ex- boyfriends so they can rub it in; they have to tell everyone they know because it’s a big deal to find love. The double edge sword is that once you tell everyone you’re together you have to deal with everyone asking what happened when you break up. Besides the obvious “but I love him” excuse I think fear of failure is the second reason women stay with their asshole boyfriends longer than they should. Women don’t want to admit that it didn’t work out. I could break up with a girl and not think twice about how it makes me look. More than likely only four people breathing knew she was my chick anyway. Men don’t spread the word when they give a girl the title, if someone asks you might tell them, but we don’t scream it to the heavens like women do. Pop quiz hot shot: Tony broke your heart but you love him, what do you do? Do you keep putting up with him or do you throw in the towel and admit that you didn’t pick the right man.
 If you said you’d break up with Tony you’re lying. I know a lot of women. I’ve seen the cockiest bitches humbled by no good niggas. We all have. Everyone reading this knows some egomaniacal broad who got fucked over and didn’t jump ship. “Oh we working it out girl, we ain’t going to let that stop us” *proceeds to nod head then talk shit behind her back*.  On the flip side maybe Tony is a good dude, he just strayed a little. We are men; we are bound to fuck up. I don’ care if it’s getting caught sending perverted text messages to an ex or sleeping with some random girl, mistakes are made by the best of us. If Tony’s a good man to you and he gets caught in a Bill Clinton moment—you should forgive him. Girls don’t like that answer unless they’re in that situation. It’s so easy to tell a woman to leave a man, never have I seen a woman tell her girlfriend to stay with a man who’s’ done her dirty. Hanging in there through thick and thin for a man that’s worth it, that’s what a good woman does. Hanging in there with a man who keeps disrespecting you, that’s what a dumb bitch does. Look at history, Hillary Clinton was a Good Women; Jackie Kennedy was a Dumb Bitch.
A Good Woman Knows Her Man: Your boyfriend likes Puerto Rican girls, loves to flirt at work, and sneaks off to the strip club whenever he can. When you’re with a man you know everything there is to know about his likes, you’re not dense enough to think that you’re the only girl he looks at. A Good Woman knows that her man is on Facebook poking bitches. She knows he’s lying when he says, “I just went to the club cus Mark wanted to go”. She doesn’t care about any of that because knowing what tempts him keeps her one step ahead of him. I don’t have a type, I haven’t had a type since I was a teenager, but my girl can take one side eyed glance at some girl ringing me up in the store and tell me I would fuck her before my mind computes that I would do awful things to her if I could. She knows me. Good Women have a blueprint of their men. If and when he does step out of line he won’t be able to bullshit and lie because she can tell by the situation that it is something he would do. Him: She’s trying to break us up, look at her and look at you, be serious. Her: Green contacts, Haircut like Rihanna ’08, body like a 12 year old girl, she looks just like the bitch at Wing Stop you flirt with—that’s exactly who you would fuck with. You’re fired. …Know thy man!
A Dumb Bitch Thinks Her Man Is God: Your boyfriend doesn’t like any girl but you. He wouldn’t give another girl his number. He doesn’t have time to cheat. Oh you simple dumb bitch let me fetch your Seeing Eye dog. Stevie wonder can see that he’s fucking that girl on his job, but he gets home and tells you, “I hate that trick, she’s annoying” so you don’t feel threatened. Dumb bitches are easy to cheat on because even if you get caught with a broad she will protect you. “I’m not making excuses but we did have an argument earlier in the week, so technically…” He fucked around on you. Face facts, he’s not Perfect. The more you continue to think that he’s better than every man walking the more leverage he has to sling his dick to the world. 
A Good Woman Addresses The Problem: Your boo cheated. What to do now? You don’t fight, you don’t cause a scene, you don’t act out like a child—you deal with it. If you’re not ready to walk away from him, then that means you’re ready to work through it. He fucked you over and now you have to figure out why he slipped up and how many times he slipped up. A Good Woman doesn’t turn a blind eye to the past fucks either, she lumps them together. “You fucked that other bitch, now who else did you put ya dick in? You need to come clean before I decide if you’re worth my time”. She may stay, she may go, either way she handles her business like a grown ass woman.
A Dumb Bitch Attacks The Other Woman: Don’t argue on the phone with the other woman, especially one who fucked your man, you look weaker than Gandhi doing a pushup. She fucked your man, calling her a hoe isn’t going to make her cry. She’s not the hoe—your man is the hoe. Paging Doctor Dumb Bitch, She’s not in a relationship, you two are. Your man takes care of you, your man loves you, your family is strong—but your pussy apparently wasn’t Yankin because he’s fucking another girl. If you discover multiple calls, receipts, and all kinds of incriminating shit on your man—why would you hunt down the woman? If she’s a Spartan, she probably had that nigga spending your money at the Cheesecake Factory, had him on the phone beating his dick with your fancy bath and bodyworks cream, and had him driving your car to come pick her up. She’s won. You lost. To any woman who gets that ratchet ass call in the middle of the night from some bitch you didn’t know existed remember to keep your cool and say, “calm down sweetie, I didn’t have sex with your man, we did go out to a wonderful dinner and he did eat my pussy, but I told him not to eat my ass— you’re welcome” that dumb bitch will call back, but that’s what the ignore button is for.
A Good Woman Needs More Than An Apology: I watched my homie kiss ass for over six months when he cheated on his baby’s mama. His apology was sincere and they were together for a minute so you would have thought she would have given in after a few weeks, but she was a Good Woman and saying sorry and bringing roses doesn’t mean shit. You broke someone’s heart—that’s not repaired overnight. A Good Woman doesn’t rush back into the fire, she walks away from it, she takes time to cool off and evaluate her next move. The calls will keep coming; he will want to go on dates, and talk on the phone all night. All that shit he used to do when you first got together– all the shit he should have been doing throughout the relationship is back because he doesn’t want to lose you. A Good Woman isn’t impressed with a month of courting, you have to work to regain her love, and that’s how it’s supposed to be.
A Dumb Bitch Is Happy with Make Up Sex: I told this girl I cheated on her and had sex with her the same night. I didn’t get head, but I got the ass, and that was great for me—but damn was that a dumb bitch move. No dick is good enough to go from tears to moans in a span of 8 hours. No amount of ass kissing should make us cool after a week. If I fuck around and my penalty is eating your pussy 15 minutes longer than usual, I should fuck a hoe a week! Dumb Bitches have no bite. They bark all year about what you better not do but when you do it, they’re quiet.
A Good Woman Doesn’t Throw Rocks: Don’t act like your relationship is the greatest story ever told, you motherfuckers will not be on a park bench reading your life story while Rachel McAdams acts it out. You two are normal people trying to live a normal life together—mistakes will happen on both ends, but you deal with it. A Good Woman realizes this and doesn’t try and make her situation seem larger than life. When a Good Woman is going through drama, her friends will be there to support. When a Good Woman has to break up with a no good bastard, you don’t laugh behind her back because she never pretended to be in an unsinkable ship.
 A Dumb Bitch Lives In A Glass House: Leave it to the Duchess of Dumb Bitchia to throw a fucking parade when she found a man. Not only was he the most attractive guy ever, he had so much money, he took her everywhere, and the sex was worth several tweets a day saying something like “he just left, I need to smoke a cigarette #subtweet” This nigga is not Peter Pan, he’s not even Rufio. I don’t know how much ferry dust you’ve been sniffing but Never Ever Land doesn’t exist. It blows me how girls love to floss on their own friends. These are your FRIENDS why would you try and brag when they know the real story? But good friends are quiet; they talk amongst themselves and give you enough rope to hang yourself. When your baller boo is revealed to be just another lame ass nigga who played you, who do you run to? You run to those same friends who you tried to style on. Oh now you want to admit that he wasn’t that cute, he didn’t have a job, and you stayed in the apartment all the time. We’ve all witnessed the “In Love” Facebook girl who turns into the “fuck men” Facebook girl. Those hoes come off as pathetic. I don’t care if you’re dating the King of England, any relationship can end and any man can be revealed as a piece of shit, save some face– don’t pop shit.
Ending a relationship because your man cheated or stopped treating you right is a decision only you can make because only you know if he’s worth keeping around. But be smart enough to step back from the situation and assess what kind of man he really is. No one can call Vanessa Bryant a dumb bitch because we don’t know what kind of man Kobe really is. If Kobe’s an asshole and she’s staying for the money—then you know what category she’s in. If he’s a great father and good husband, then she has to put Colorado and any other girl he ran through in perspective. As a bias Laker fan, of course I’m going to say she’s a Good Woman.
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How Do You Get Rid Of Her After You Hit?

What stops a woman from having sex with a man? Fear. She is afraid that you will do her dirty after you get the coochie. I said it before, it doesn’t matter when a woman gives it up, if a guy digs her he digs her, if he doesn’t– pussy will only expose his true nature. Today I want to talk to the fellas who invade Iraq and don’t know how to leave without destroying half the cities. I want to talk about exit strategy. You met the chick, you gained her trust, and you exposed her coochie’s defense like you were Peyton Manning in the pocket. You won the battle without making her your girlfriend, you hit with no strings attached– pat yourself on the back. But now that you are done with this girl how do you get rid of her? There are a ton of reasons why men grow tired of women, but let’s touch on some of the common ones and then talk about that post sex exit strategy. 

The Coochie Was Wet Her Personality Was Dry: Just because he wants to have sex with you doesn’t mean he likes you. Hitting a girl from every angle possible, grunting that her pussy is bomb, and then collapsing on top of her after a nut means NOTHING. I could not stand the majority of the girls I slept with, but they turned me on physically so I was willing to put up with whatever personality trait that bothered me. Men are pros at putting up with pre-pussy nonsense because it’s a part of the game. Not every attractive girl is going to be smart or intriguing; a lot of them will be downright annoying. How does an asshole deal with a girl he doesn’t really like but wants to smash? Pretend to like her for as long as it takes– no matter if it’s a few days or if he has to play the part as the “back-up dick platonic friend” for years—once an asshole reaches that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow he will take off that disguise and say “Got ya bitch” He never really liked you, it was what Grifters call The Long Con. Chicks assume that because he tried so hard to smash that he must have feelings for her. Never assume.

She’s Getting Too Serious: Why did she have to fuck everything up by wanting to talk about feelings? What part of “you wanna come over” screams let’s go on a dinner date? How dare you lure me in with your body then expect me to want you mentally? Yes you can convert casual sex into a real relationship, but its advanced algebra not simple multiplication. There are many steps that must be taken to get your physical relationship to the next level, and quite frankly it’s asking a lot from a man once he’s become accustomed to hitting that ass recreationally. I really liked this girl I use to have sex with, she was one of my coolest non girlfriends, but I didn’t want to be in a real relationship with her, I just wanted to do her. She would stop talking to me every few months then we would hook up again. This went on for nearly a year. Threatening to cut me off didn’t change a thing, not calling me for weeks or screaming that I’m a bitch did not make me change my ways and give her a promise ring! I was prepared  to walk away from her at a drop of a hat because it wasn’t that serious. I loved her as a friend, honestly I did, but it was a selfish love similar to the kind a little kid has for his neighbors who lets him play their PlayStation 3. If what you two have is not serious; you can’t flip a switch and expect him to go from lust to love, it takes time, a lot of time.

You’re Not Really My Type Sober: Some men get caught up with that Ugly Girl Swag and don’t know how to get away. Her looks have nothing to do with how good she is in bed, if she happens to know how to lay it down; perfect… but that doesn’t change the fact that you can’t take her ugly ass to six flags. A man may love the sex, but if he doesn’t like the looks of the girl he’s getting it from—it’s a wrap. Yeah you can make homie cum quick, but unless you’re willing to travel at night under a dark sheet, expect for him to suddenly lose his phone, move out of state, or work double shifts 7 days a week. He’s not going to tell you you’re busted.

My Girl’s Not Going To Like This: This is how easy it is.
Her: You have a girl?
Me: No.
It’s that simple. Don’t be shocked after we have sex for two weeks straight, I fall off the face of the earth, and then you find out I was boo’d up all along.  “But he told me he didn’t have a girl” Really? He lied? I can’t believe anyone would lie to get what they want! We must warn people about this new invention called lying. If you’re fucking him, assume he has a girlfriend especially if he’s winning. Good looks, nice car, own place, no kids (around). Do you think you found a catch? No! Either this nigga is a psycho or his girl is out of town. He’s not going to call you up and tell you this blossoming relationship has to end because he has someone, he’s going to delete your number and every time you call he will tell his chick you’re a telemarketer. Next time his wifey is on a girls night out he will magically pop back into your life, “Hey, I just got back from a business trip in Paris, what are you doing tonight?”

FEAR: He’s not looking for a wifey he’s looking for pussy. You’re perfect, you’re amazing, but being afraid of commitment isn’t a myth, it’s real. The #1 lie is “I’m Not Ready” but it’s also the #1 legitimate reason. I’ve seen girls break down because they gave in to a guy they really liked only to find out he was indecisive when it came to entering a relationship. The man wasn’t ready, he was ready for sex, but he wasn’t ready for the stress of being committed, you can’t be mad at that. A faux fancy bitch would argue that she doesn’t have sex with a guy unless she knows him inside in out but you never know someone inside in out. Spreading your legs is a gamble regardless of how much you think you know about that man. You can’t be a prude and argue that “I won’t have sex at all because men are deceitful” that’s a small minded answer to a complicated problem. We all like sex and we all want someone we can love, you don’t blame the pants for not fitting when you brought those things without trying them on, yeah the tag said they were the right size but how were you to know for sure UNLESS you tried them on? Sex is the ultimate litmus test, but this is the 21st century we live fast and sometimes relationships develop way too quick for our liking. It’s not about a man being immature, it’s about the fear of flying, most niggas need to go through years of Smallville before they are ready to put on that red cape.

Exit The Right Way: The relationship with the girl you’re with is influenced by the man who was with her before you. If he left her with trust issues it’s not her problem, it’s yours! Regardless if you’re in it for the sex or in it because you want her to be your girl, you have to mend what he damaged. Isn’t it time to stop this cycle of bullshit? We have enough women with complexes resulting from being abandoned after a dick down, we don’t need more. Do Not Go Missing! Stopping the texts and calls isn’t the same as telling her goodbye. She’s waiting for you to get back to her. Even if it’s been three weeks, she hasn’t forgotten about you, she’s going out of her mind wondering what the fuck is up with you because the last time she saw you it was all hugs and kisses.  Do Not Play The Friend Card! “Can we still be cool” translates to “I don’t want you to blow up my phone, but I want to call you when I’m horny”. If you want to break away, make a clean break—you have enough friends. Do Not Lie! Niggas love to create vivid ass Tolkien stories when they don’t want to deal with a bitch. This fool will tell you he was lost in a rain forest on Pandora and got stuck in his Avatar, that’s why he hasn’t called. Girls will believe that because they don’t want to admit to themselves that maybe they weren’t good enough. How Do You Get Rid Of Her After You Hit?: Hurt her feelings! Honesty will make you look like a douche bag, but it’s the only way! Tell her she isn’t what you were looking for in a girlfriend. It was fun, but deuces. That’s better than dangling her along for weeks or months.

On the real, men aren’t going to do that. The game has been established, and it’s much easier to lie or ignore a girl than to admit the real reason you don’t want to talk anymore. So it’s up to women to read between the lines and stop asking “why doesn’t he like me anymore?” Who cares, it was good a week ago, but now it’s not. He’s never going to tell you the real reason, make peace with that! If he’s given you excuses, not calling, or referring to you as “buddy” then He Doesn’t Fuck With You Like That. You had sex, you didn’t survive 9-11 together, you two don’t have a real fucking bond. Dick inside Pussy doesn’t necessarily bring people closer. Magic and Fireworks are for the movies. You two fucked—no matter how good you thought it was it didn’t make Doves fly, get over it. So now he wants to avoid you and your kitty, don’t boo hoo over spilled seamen! Pick your head up, brush your shoulders off, and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You were in a Basic relationship with a Basic nigga, now it’s time to decide if you want to continue living life like a Basic bitch or if you want to Woman Up and start dictating the terms of your relationships instead of waiting for a man to tell you how he really feels.
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